Remember when Spot was just a tiny little puppy and he could jump around your feet without tripping you up? Let The Kyt Studio help you keep those memories forever. Dog photography is one of our fortes. Bring your furry family member down to our studio for a fun-filled photoshoot to capture that special bond forever. We love animals, and our dog-huggers and cat-petters are ready to put your furkid at ease to get the best shot!


Our Process

1. Planning and Consultation

The first step into the journey is a consultation with you to find out more about your beloved pet! We want to know about your pet's personality, understand your unique bond with him/her, and hear all the memorable stories close to your heart. Trust us, we want to know it all! Consultations will be done in person at our studio in Woodlands or somewhere central and convenient for you.

Once we've gotten all the details down to a 'T', we will head to the drawing board and plan for your photography session around individual requirements to capture the best out of your pet on the day of the session. We will also share with you what to prepare, days before your session.

2. Photography Session

The fun part - photoshoot time! Each session lasts about two hours to work at your pet's pace. We allocate the first 15-30 minutes for your pet to sniff around, explore the new studio environment, and get used to the camera equipment as well as us! We want to ensure the environment and energy level is where your pet can thrive and feel comfortable. This is will be a relaxed, fun, and easy-going play time for you and your pet.

3. Design and Ordering

A week after your photography session, your finished photos will be ready for viewing. We will present 10-20 photos for you to view in our studio if you would like to have your favourites printed on canvas. We will work with you to create the perfect timeless collection for your wall display. As this is family investment to celebrate your pet in print, we encourage all decision-makers to be involved.


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